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How to get High-Quality B2B Leads with Google Ads

One of the primary difficulties of B2B sales is creating solid B2B leads from which to generate sales in the...

How to get High-Quality B2B Leads with Google Ads

One of the primary difficulties of B2B sales is creating solid B2B leads from which to generate sales in the first place. As a business owner, you likely use some form of Google product dozens, or even hundreds of times a day. Google is certainly an amazing company with a wealth of resources that business owners can put to work for themselves. However, despite using Google to find products and services they need for their own businesses, many business owners may overlook the fact that they can also use Google for effective B2B marketing and lead generation with Google Ads.

The Power of Google

As a quick exercise, check out your own Google history on your work computer. Look how frequently you have searched for something and clicked one of the top results. Those websites didn’t arrive at the top of Google’s search results on accident. They are there because your own activity on your computer combined with Google’s analytics and a well designed B2B marketing plan from another company lead to you finding those exact results. I guarantee if I were to search the same exact thing as you, I wouldn’t see the same webpages, businesses, and services returned at the top of the search results as you do.

GRI plus Google for your Benefit

So, how can you get your website in front of your potential customers’ eyes in order to generate quality B2B leads? You can effectively buy these leads from Google by having a well-constructed website and an effective marketing plan. The GRI Marketing Group has the know how and the experience required to use Google to get the name of your business in front of the eyes of your potential customers. While the internet itself may offer vague guides or generic descriptions of things you can to do use Google Ads to enhance your sales, the GRI Marketing Group can perform these tasks for you in a way that will yield an exponentially greater quantity and quality of B2B leads.

As was previously mentioned, Google marketing is a very powerful tool; but as is the case with most tools, its power is only valuable when used correctly and wisely. If you pay any sum of money to use a service like Google Ads, you expect a return on your investment. Simply setting up your own website and firing up the Google Ads service brings no guarantee of a solid ROI. Conversely, if it is done incorrectly, it can lead to Google banning your website for a breech of their terms of service. Obviously, that is a disastrous and counterproductive result. GRI Marketing Group has over thirty years of marketing experience to bring to bear on your project ensuring that you get results that exceed your expectations.

A properly tailored use of Google Ads effectively amounts to buying B2B leads directly from Google themselves putting their powerful data collection and analysis efforts to use for your business. For all intents and purposes, your potential future customers are cold calling themselves when they open Google and search for your product or service. Google has the ability to match their need with your capability, and Google Ads is the middleman that makes that happen.  GRI Marketing Group knows what it takes to keep you at the forefront of that middleman’s mind so that he is always able to send you customers that are ready made.

Global Reach Within your Grasp

While the internet is quickly shrinking the global economy making things seem more difficult for small businesses all the time, it’s equally true that they internet is also growing the power of smaller businesses by making it easier than ever for them to reach their potential customers with targeted ads. However, using this power incorrectly is a costly mistake. I’m sure you can remember a time within the past day or two where you were scrolling through social media or some kind of search results and saw something labeled as an ad and thought to yourself, “Why in the world am I even seeing this ad? This makes no sense!” That’s because the business or individual using that ad service didn’t know what they were doing, so they spent all that money for nothing and are not likely to generate any useful leads whatsoever.

Conversely, you can let GRI Marketing Group help you bring the power of the internet to bear. They are able to use services such as Google Ads to generate a significant number of B2B leads, most of which will in turn generate sales opportunities and lead to you getting a much better ROI. Google Ads are useless if you aren’t able to get them in front of the right businesses. GRI Marketing Group is not only able to do that but can pair your Google Ads B2B lead generation with other forms of lead generation to help you maximize the use of your marketing budget.

In conclusion, Google is a fantastic tool and Google Ads is a great service to add to your marketing arsenal in an effort to generate high-quality B2B leads. The flip side of that coin is that they also can be difficult minefields to navigate that will not only fail to yield good ROI, but can end up causing you harm by banning your website and preventing any potential customers from finding you. Make sure you make the best possible use of these modern marketing tools by letting the experts at GRI Marketing Group help you put together your Google Ads campaign. They’ll navigate that minefield for you and ensure that you are generating the high-quality B2B leads that you need to get your business where you want it to be. After all, if Google is going to gather and store massive amounts of data about the people and businesses around the world, you might as well put it to use to enhance your business!

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