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Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition Achieving targeted results for your marketing budget is in our DNA. GRI is an acronym for "Greater Return...

Customer Acquisition

Achieving targeted results for your marketing budget is in our DNA. GRI is an acronym for “Greater Return on Investment,” which describes our philosophy perfectly. Our mission is to execute customer acquisition marketing programs across all channels that produce impressive results.

Develop a Plan to Increase Customer Acquisition

One marketing principle is straightforward to understand. Every company that acquires more customers than it loses will continuously grow. For most companies, that means running successful customer acquisition campaigns and doing a stellar job of customer service. If clients love their journey with your firm, they become brand advocates, making your job of spreading the word even easier.

Fortunately, there are many ways to acquire new customers and the team at GRI Marketing Group, Inc. is ready to help you develop a customized, winning strategy.

• We help to define your target audience so that you never waste your marketing budget.
• We assist in identifying the best customer acquisition channels to help reduce the cost of landing new clients.
• We explore the best ways to boost your brand to the people who are most likely to buy.
• We work to achieve your objectives while setting reasonable expectations and benchmarks.

Our team helps you set clear objectives by developing a plan customized to produce steady results. We can integrate our efforts with your existing framework or build your initiative from the ground up.

Improve Results with An Integrated Marketing Program

We strategize, create, and implement the right acquisition channel(s) to move customers and prospects through the buyer’s journey. Our team researches your business and industry to develop strategies that are timely and responsive. We spring into action after we get a thorough understanding of your corporate culture, operations, and goals.

Integrated marketing works best with a set of tightly defined business objectives in place. For example, if your goal is to achieve higher subscription growth rates, your strategy will include more touchpoints across offline and online channels. If you want to close a higher percentage of sales, your objectives would be to improve your conversion rate optimization by reviewing your landing page creatives, call to actions and forms.

Our campaigns follow four guiding principles to ensure success.

1. Your overall strategy will center around a robust and focused brand image.
2. All your messaging communicates using a clear, consistent voice.
3. Your campaigns maintain a unified look and feel across all media channels to ensure that customers instantly recognize your brand.
4. We utilize traditional and digital media to promote your brand.

Many of the most famous marketing campaigns are prime examples of integrated marketing at work. They all begin with a creative idea that integrates an in-depth brand message. With an overarching theme to guide efforts, creating a consistent customer acquisition and sales pipeline is the natural outcome. Putting those assets in place helps to build a sustainable business that thrives on multiple platforms and environments.

We incorporate a mix of marketing channels into customer acquisition programs for many different sectors:

Financial and Insurance Services
Banking and Mortgage
Business and Professional Services
IT Service Companies
The Publishing Industry
Enterprises Offering Subscription-Based Services and Products
Non-Profits – Higher Education, Health Care

Direct Mail Marketing Remains a Standard

As companies rushed to experiment with internet marketing, some forgot the value of direct mailing campaigns. Overlooking this practical approach to marketing is costly! Direct mail marketing remains one of the leading strategies that successful businesses use for customer acquisition, communication, and retention.

Direct mail marketing is a proven and effective method for customer acquisition for both B2C and B2B companies of all sizes. We implement cohesive strategies that include all the details needed to take campaigns from their formative stage through execution including print, production and lettershop services.

We create many direct mail formats from simple postcards to full-blown creatives with cards, brochures, shaped envelopes, and many other interesting elements. Direct mail remains an excellent way to reach your audience and grab their attention on a personal level. By leveraging personalization, scannable QR codes, and targeted data you can engage and convert cold leads into paying customers.

Email Marketing Delivers Consistent High Returns

Email marketing plays an integral role in fueling success for companies. Although businesses and individuals often complain that they get too much email, this form of marketing retains a compelling value proposition.
As recently as 2019, the average return for a single dollar spent on email marketing is $42 in revenue!

The process of generating leads is seamless. Our team of marketing experts clearly defines objectives and sets up automation rules that utilize the power of technology.

Our experts set up, automate, and plan your email marketing process to nurture your list of prospects. With an integrated series of timely email messages, conversion rates rise as cold prospects warm-up to become buyers. No matter how strong your current email marketing efforts are, we help create campaigns that get results by offering:

• Custom-designed templates responsive across all devices
• Email list creation and management
• Segmented audiences (personas are developed)
• Triggered and transactional campaigns
• Engagement tactics with call to actions
• Automation rules and contact scoring
• Campaign performance and analytics
• Intriguing subject lines
• Targeted landing pages

Well-designed email campaigns get measurable results and our clients find their email marketing programs are often a solid channel for success. With over 4 billion email accounts in use worldwide and the potential for excellent returns, investing in a robust email marketing plan as part of your customer acquisition marketing mix is smart.

Digital Marketing Is Only Getting Better

Digital technology continues to improve and encompasses multidisciplinary approaches that companies use to acquire new customers and communicate with existing customers. An effective digital marketing program helps to ensure your brand gets recognized in all the right ways.

Our experienced marketing team stays abreast of the latest trends and technologies to reveal key growth areas with the potential to provide excellent returns. Whether you are starting fresh and need a new website developed or want to improve an existing site, we have optimization solutions to increase traffic and build your brand recognition. Since your website serves as your company’s digital foundation, if it is done right, more prospects can be reached, and conversion opportunities maximized.

Retargeting keeps your brand in the prospects peripheral vision and top of mind. These gentle ad reminders can prompt the lost prospect to return to your site and convert often at a higher rate, and many times with an increased average order value. Retargeting is also a good media to try on renewals.

GRI worked with a major NY publisher, retargeting prospects that had abandoned their subscription page. To re-engage them, banner ads with a new offer were displayed on other sites the prospects visited. The results were outstanding, increasing conversion rates by over 217% and a 350% ROI!

E-Commerce shop owners can use retargeting to re-engage with people who have abandoned or dropped shopping carts. Offering a discount or a special offer via this ad type can convert these potentially reluctant buyers into paying customers.

Using live chat for lead generation, customer support, and keeping your customers informed is a good multi-purpose tool your business can utilize. Live chat can produce more than a 40% increase in overall website conversion rates, according to a 2020 study done by Forrester. That is pretty significant when you consider that on average, only about 2% of website visitors become leads.

Social Media Platforms Are the Place to Be

In an age when people are relying on the Internet more than ever before for news, entertainment, connecting with friends and family, and doing research, having a robust social media presence as part of your customer acquisition plan helps to connect you with these engaged users and build relationships.

Audience demographics and personas are taken into consideration when choosing the right social networks to reach and build your community. Well planned posts, content, and ads increase brand visibility.

Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing Strengthens Your Brand Position

Customized content and inbound marketing strategies help warm up prospects to your brand and strengthen your online visibility. First-time visitors or people who are initially becoming familiar with your brand typically need to be educated on your product or service before making a buying decision.

If your company is not developing new creative content to educate, engage and inspire your audience, you are leaving a void that your competitors can fill instead. Examples of inbound marketing and content development services we provide include:

• Blog posts
• Video content and livestreaming
• eBooks
• Infographics
• Webinars
• White papers
• Press releases
• Slideshows

Video on social channels and in email is more active and interesting than text and links to content can improve engagement, drive website visits and brand recognition. Live streaming on social media is a dynamic, intimate way to connect with your audience in real time. There is an urgency to a live post that demands attention.

Performance Analysis

Performance analysis at every stage of the customer acquisition marketing program is essential to determine next steps. We analyze and report results for each channel in to get optimal results for our diverse client base.

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