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B2B Digital Marketing

Content Marketing and Lead Generation For most B2B companies, everything starts with content marketing. Prospects usually do not purchase right...

Content Marketing and Lead Generation

B2B Digital Marketing
For most B2B companies, everything starts with content marketing. Prospects usually do not purchase right away. They conduct a lot of research, evaluate their options, and consider their budget before they make a buying decision. That’s why our main role is to create valuable content for our clients that positions them as a “thought leader” in their space — so when a prospect is in the buyer readiness mode, our client is at the top of their list to contact.

We utilize email, programmatic, direct mail, SMS, social and telemarketing channels to generate a steady stream of leads for your sales team.

Customer Acquisition

It’s not enough to simply generate leads. It’s important for B2B lead generation companies to know how to convert the leads into actual customers. We use a process called lead nurturing to build interest, establish relationships, and position your business as the ideal solution. As a leading B2B lead generation agency, we do this by using multiple tactics. This includes email drip campaigns, personalized emails, high-value content, and paid retargeting campaigns. The best way to convert prospects to customers is to provide a combination of education, value, and a strong value proposition.
We can also integrate many channels and mediums into the lead nurturing process. For example, we can use email, social media, personal phone calls, voice mail drops, and text messages to engage your prospects. This is usually the most optimal way to bring in high-value clients.

Customer Retention

B2B Digital Lead generation
We also believe that B2B lead generation companies need to understand customer retention. For most B2B companies, the value of the customer lies in repeat and ongoing sales, not the initial sale. That’s why there needs to be a strong focus on retaining customers.
GRI builds a customer retention strategy focusing on multiple points. This includes providing the best possible customer support, creating ongoing engagement, crafting surveys that ask customers what can be improved upon, offering tutorials and guides, and completing proper onboarding. We also use analytics to guide our decisions.

Of course, every business has a churn rate for customers. We can help identify during what periods customers tend to fall off and create campaigns that help extend the customer life cycle. We can also create reactivation campaigns for customers that have fallen off.

Branding & Positioning

Branding & PositioningIn order to stand out from the sea of competition, you need to create a strong brand and positioning strategy. Branding is a big part of B2B digital marketing. We can help make sure that your brand identity, message, and values resonate with your target audience.
We will also research your main competitors to see what you’re up against. This will be used to create a strong positioning strategy for your products and services. You have to think about the conversations that are in the minds of your target customers.

Using these conversations, you have to position your products and services as the optimal solution. Positioning your company properly in the marketplace is very important. It’ll determine which segments of the market you resonate with as well as which segments you should target.

Sales Incentive Programs

Sales Incentive Programs
As a marketing company ourselves, we know how important it is to have a strong sales team. For many different B2B products and services, you need to get your top salespeople to close prospects. Your marketing team brings leads into your funnel;your sales team secures the sale.

We can help you create a strong sales incentive program that’s going to motivate your sales team to push forward. A sales incentive plan will be initiated on top of the standard compensation plan. Your sales team isn’t going to give their all if the incentives are weak.

Having strong incentives does more than just increase your sales numbers. It will increase employee retention, boost team morale, and help you identify the best performers in your team.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing
Our marketing agency in Connecticut has built many inbound marketing campaigns for B2B clients. Many clients come to us for inbound marketing because they have seen the statistics about its effectiveness. It’s been found to generate three times more leads than traditional marketing while costing around 60 percent less.

Inbound marketing can get complex but it’s important to remember that it centers around content and engagement. We’ll be creating content that’s relevant, valuable, and informative to your target customers. This will serve as the entry-way to your marketing funnel.

From there, we will utilize many channels to engage leads. This includes your blog, social media platforms, short message service(SMS), email, and more. You’ll find it difficult to find another Connecticut lead generation agency that knows how to execute inbound marketing at the same level we can.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation
Our internet marketing services also include marketing automation. As you know, it can be difficult to create a marketing system that performs well. It’s even harder to create an automated marketing system that can convert leads into customers on an ongoing basis.
We understand both the technical and marketing side of working with marketing automation platforms. We can help you set up your first marketing automation platform if you do not have one set up. We can also build campaigns from scratch or optimize your existing campaigns to perform better.

With our help, you’ll be able to take advantage of list/customer segmenting, hyper-personalization, behavioral-based campaigns, and more. There are many things that you can do with marketing automation platforms, and very few companies are maximizing the capabilities available to them.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

B2B Digital Lead generation
it’s also important to take advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Marketing on social media for B2B companies is very different from the average business. Even though many social media platforms are better suited for business-to-consumer(B2C) companies, we know how to get value out of them for B2B companies.
We are also a B2B advertising agency. We build and manage ad campaigns for many of our clients, especially on social media platforms. We can help you with Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, and other advertising platforms.

With online ads, we focus on generating high quality leads for our clients. We ensure that the lead acquisition costs make sense when compared to the customer lifetime value. Our campaigns are always guided on return on investment (ROI) goals and analytics.

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