B2B Email Marketing Best Practices during Covid-19

B2B Email Marketing Best Practices during Covid-19

B2B companies that had marketing plans at the start of the year have all figured out that those plans would...

B2B Email Marketing Best Practices during Covid-19

B2B companies that had marketing plans at the start of the year have all figured out that those plans would no longer be feasible in a COVID-19 tainted world. These companies are being forced to alter how and what they sell to adapt to the societal and economic situation.

The change has been rapid. The pace at which digital transformation is occurring is neck breaking. A lot of things are different from what B2B companies are accustomed to. The importance of email marketing has taken an upward plunge. With several physical events postponed or cancelled and the ongoing concerns around physical interactions and meetings, B2B companies need to lean on some of the best digital channels to keep moving in the right direction. Some of these channels include virtual events, paid search and content, and email marketing which all aim to keep the relevant audience engaged.

The way you reach and market to your audience in crises is quite different from how you’d market to them when everything is alright. This is why B2B companies need to consider the best email marketing practices in the COVID – 19 crisis.

In this light, we seek to discuss the email marketing best practices that B2B companies need to adopt in challenging times like this. If you want to improve your B2B marketing techniques, you will find our email marketing tips during COVID19 extremely useful.

1. Ensure that your campaigns are refreshed

As observed in an open rate study, one thing subscribers always have a huge interest in is the idea of a new campaign. What’s fresh with your company? What are you offering that you haven’t offered before? These are some questions that a smart email marketer must ask himself.

Nevertheless, refreshing your campaigns is an essential part of the whole process, because some factors have changed due to the pandemic. Some factors that are likely to change are:

  • People’s moods
  • Their spending habits and patterns
  • Their expectations

You must adjust your new campaigns to accommodate these changes because they are so vital to any progress that you would make with your B2B email marketing.

2. Understand your audience and always put them ahead of anything else

The best time for you to understand your audience is during times like these, in a crisis. Make sure to utilize every single piece of information that you can lay your hands upon. Use this data to understand any drifts in their concerns and interests.

When you have done this, you will be better equipped in the following areas:

  • Drafting the most appropriate message.
  • You’d be able to know words that could trigger negative emotions and avoid them.
  • You will also be able to send promotions and relevant content.

Any campaign being carried out in a time of crisis, such as we are in now, should be done with caution and careful consideration of your audience’s feelings and moods. In other words, be very sensitive. This is essential to the success of your B2B email marketing.

3. Practice Segmentation Religiously

The foundation of any email marketing campaign is segmentation. So in times like this, what you need to do is to have your list segmented. You may find that there are people on your list who are more interested in some of your products and services than others. You may even end up with multiple lists, but it can be worth it for your B2B email marketing. When you have done this, you will communicate with your audience at a more intimate level.

4. Practice Honesty like your life depended on it because it does

There’s hardly anyone who does not appreciate honesty, even people who are dishonest like it when you’re honest with them. It’s just the way things work. Positive vibes always trump negative ones.

It becomes even more required for you to be direct and straight with your audience in a crisis. Ensure that you communicate with your audience, and let them know that:

  • You also have some limitations and capabilities.
  • Sometimes a product could be out of stock. You should tell them that ahead of time.

Here are five factors to consider about Email Marketing amidst a Pandemic

1. Never think of taking advantage of the crisis.

It’s probably best you have this written boldly in your diary, CRISIS PERIODS ARE WRONG TIMES TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE. When they are your customers, it becomes even worse because you’d be termed as a fraud, having little to no regard for human lives.

Never allow yourself to become tempted to capitalize on your customers. You must understand that people cannot be deceived for too long.

2. When communicating, do so with empathy.

When you want to communicate with your customers during a crisis period, you must empathize. Please don’t act like they will not survive without your product or service. When you send emails, make sure that they carry an empathic tone.

3. Try to boost your customer’s confidence level with your emails.

If there’s one thing that has taken a hit since the wake of the COVID – 19 pandemics, it’s the consumer’s confidence. Ensure you’re communicating in a language that inspires your customers and makes them feel safe about your products and services. You can do this by:

  • Always using positive language.
  • Giving consistent updates

Your customers will appreciate a distraction from the current happenings around them, and they could use a little bit of that.

4. Even though the economy slows down, please don’t follow suit.

It’s no news that the world’s economies have been grounded to a halt due to the coronavirus outbreak. Businesses have suffered a great deal as a result of this.

The fact that the economy has been slowed down is a perfect opportunity for you to increase your brand awareness, create valuable content to foster continued engagement and grow your email list. If you want to win at email marketing right now, you cannot take this for granted.

5. Think and plan long term

It’s only natural to lose your focus when the world’s economies are affected by the COVID – 19 pandemic. One mistake people always make, businesses alike, is to be distracted by all that is happening instead of planning the future.

As bad as it may seem, this is not the end of the world, things will improve and get better as the pandemic fades away. Visionary marketers who make plans for the future will be the ones who command a significant market share when that time comes.

Even when the world’s economy is reeling from the coronavirus pandemic ruins, we must bear in mind that life must go on. As a B2B email marketer, you play a crucial role in ensuring that people are always connected to their favorite products and services despite being stuck in their homes.

With these email marketing tips during COVID – 19, it can all get easier. Revise your strategies, and keep giving your audience valuable content.

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