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BtoB Lead Gen Tips and Tactics

Generating leads is the biggest challenge that BtoB marketers are facing today. These BtoB lead gen tips will help you...

BtoB Lead Gen Tips and Tactics

Generating leads is the biggest challenge that BtoB marketers are facing today. These BtoB lead gen tips will help you reach more prospects, engage them more thoroughly and ultimately close more sales.

  • Multi-Channel Approaches


Although email marketing is a powerful tool for reaching and engaging with your prospects online, most BtoB marketers say their average email open rates don’t exceed 20%. So how can you reach the 80% of leads who aren’t opening your messages in their inboxes? Integrating your email marketing with a comprehensive program that includes targeted display and social advertising can help you reach target prospects anywhere they travel on the web and increase conversion rates.


Only 2% of traffic, on average, that visit your website will convert on their first visit. And, according to The State of BtoB Lead Nurturing report, less than 5% of anonymous website visitors fill out contact forms on business websites. Retargeting website visitors can help you re-engage with the 95 to 98% potentials that leave your site.

How does site retargeting work?  When prospects leave your site and browse the Internet they are marked or tagged with a pixel or a cookie.  Your ads will display on the other sites they navigate, keeping your website in their peripheral vision and top of mind. Those targeted ads can display the exact product they were viewing while on your site, multiple products, or anything else you choose. These gentle ad reminders will prompt the lost prospect to return to your site and convert – often at a higher rate, and many times with an increased average order value.


Direct Mail is evolving and can drive purchases using new mobile and digital technologies. Integrating web (pURLs), mobile apps and QR codes in your direct mail pieces will boost the ROI of your campaign. According to Epsilon, brands with a compelling message or offer that link direct mail and digital can expect a 10 to 30% lift in conversion by combining the 2 channels.

  • Customized Content to Drive Engagement:

A recent Forrester survey found that prospects are now as much as 90% of the way through their buying journey before they reach out to a sales rep. By engaging your prospects early on through targeted display campaigns that offer thought leadership content such as whitepapers, webinars, eBooks or free trial offers – you will gain a competitive edge. Create content and offers for different buying stages as every visitor is at a different stage of exploration. Some need more education (eBook, whitepaper) and others are more ready to commit (free trial, demo).

Video, as a type of content, is on the rise with its importance continuing to grow. According to a study sponsored by Vidyard, and conducted by Demand Metric to explore several aspects of video marketing and the emerging role of video marketing platform technology, 95% of this study’s participants report that video, as a form of marketing and sales content, is becoming “somewhat or far more important” to them. This study has shown that video converts better than other forms of content; and this performance certainly contributes to an improving ROI for video. Quality video is also getting easier to produce and the cost of doing so is coming down.

  • Test and Optimize Ad Creative:

When you develop ad creative, small tweaks such as a different call-to-action or a new background photo can make a difference. Also display and retargeting ads tire over time and need to be refreshed. Use A/B testing to optimize your ad creative by simultaneously running display ads with a few small differences and then measure results after displaying a few thousand impressions to see what works best.

  • Success Metrics:

To track the impact of your lead gen programs, pay attention to metrics that measure engagement, such as lift in visits, time spent on site, visits per user and number of pages visited.

This data will help you discover whether visitors who have viewed your ads are more likely to engage with your website content than those who have not seen your ads. Visitors with high engagement levels are considered warm leads and should be passed on to the sales team for a phone call follow-up.

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